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This website is a dedication to Sri Guru Guhananda, who was a very rare individual among the millions - the one who continued to remain in worldly life and at the same time attained Supreme Bliss. His presence in this world, though brief (67 years), benefited hundreds and thousands of people, who have taken his guidance in identifying a path for liberation.He attained Videha Mukti on the Maha Shivarathri day of 2009. This website is dedicated to spreading his teachings, advices and valuable suggestions for the common man.

The above picture aptly depicts him - he is a Master in Srividya Upasana, and his life was a living example of someone following the achara, anushtana and dharma sastra as advised by Sri Maha Periyava, while continuing to display all the supreme qualities of an attained advaithi - Jeevan Mukta, as explained by Ramana Maharshi. In other words, he lived as an embodiment of Sri Maata, Sri Maha Periyava and Sri Ramana Maharshi - all in one package, and blessed and guided countless number of individuals in their spiritual path.

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Only one man in a thousand tries to attain Me, and out of those select few yogis, only a rare, distinguished one really does attain Me
Lord Krishna (Bhagavat Gita - Verse 7.3)
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